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For over a century, sports fans have been isolated, ignored, and exploited. Owners don't care that the fan is being priced out of going to a game. Players don't want to hear "Nobody listens to the fan."

Those days are over!

The FAN is a low-cost, membership community, with political and charitable action arms for the 21st century sports fan. The FAN will act as the “face and voice” of sports fans everywhere.

Whether the issue is stadium security, ticket prices and commissions, relocation of teams, taxpayer financing of new arenas, or the legality of fantasy sports or internet poker, sports fans will finally “become a special interest group.”

And with "power in numbers," The FAN will offer great benefits: rewards and discounts, sports contests and giveaways;

“The FAN” will present a unique opportunity for sports fans to create relationships with each other and our corporate partners and change the landscape of sports. “The FAN” will survey and represent your sports interests.

Join The FAN, because "Membership is Power!"

Membership is Power!

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