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Our Story

For well over a century, sports fans have been isolated, ignored, and exploited. Owners don't care that the fan is being priced out of going to a game. Players don't want to hear "Nobody listens to the fan."

Those days are over! The FAN is a low-cost, digital membership community, with political and charitable action arms for the 21st century sports fan. The FAN will act as the “face and voice” of sports fans everywhere, young and old, male and female.

Join The FAN, because "Membership is Power!"

Andy Kopel

This Is Just The Beginning

The FAN is an organic, grassroots membership movement "of, by and for the sports fan." The FAN will grow and offer increased power, benefits, and representation only with the support of average sports fans. With critical mass, The FAN will change the issues and business of sports.

Concussions + Steroids
Rule Changes
Stadium Security
Ticket Prices
Licensing Ticket Sales
Ticket Resale Fees + Transparency
Sports Betting
Internet Gaming
FAN Standing To Sue


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